Custom Made and Special Order Jewelry in Vintage Styles
Fashion jewelry in vintage styles: Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Edwardian, retro.  Jewelry design, handmade in our studio. Custom made jewelry at affordable prices.  Semiprecious gems, coral, pearls, and vintage glass set in Sterling Silver, antique brass, or vermeil.
Fashion Jewelry in Vintage Styles
Handmade Custom Jewelry
Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Retro, Edwardian, Modern
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Special Orders & Custom Design

Custom Made Jewelry
If you have a special gem in mind, a style, or a particular theme, we can create a unique piece of jewelry to fit your desire. You can send us a photo or a sketch of a piece you have, or something you saw, and we can work with you to make it happen.

Bring it back to life
We can adjust or modify existing pieces you may have tired of, or update old pieces to which you want to give a second life...

Here are some recent examples:

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Carmen wanted "something nice" done with the old Greek prayer beads she had. I created for her this beautiful necklace with large onyx beads and Sterling Silver crescent moons, strung loosely on a silver box chain.

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Mary M. wanted a green chalcedony pendant, for healing purposes. I offered her various designs, and we agreed on the gem's size and shape, on the Sterling Silver chain style, on the clasp and the setting. This is what resulted from our discussions.

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Margaret contacted me from England, looking for some expert jeweler to make her a long coral necklace, hand knotted with silk. She wanted a “rich warm glowing” necklace, without a clasp, to wear doubled around her neck in a flapper style.

We evaluated together different alternatives for the coral beads by talking about color, shine, quality, and size. Her necklace is 44 inches long, with 9 mm coral beads, special-ordered for her from Asia. And of course, it's hand knotted on silk.

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Ishbara was going to be a happy December bride. She wanted a matching set of choker-style necklace, stud earrings, and bracelet, made of sterling silver and with oval howalite cabochon stones. We talked about different settings and sizes for the stones, about various "looks" for the set. I sent her sketches with several alternative styles and stone sizes. She opted for the simplest design, to go with her very simple and beautiful satin dress. She had in mind a native American theme, and her jewelry was to have simple lines and shapes, with no flourishing and decorations.

I created for her this howalite choker with three bars, matching bracelet and stud earrings, all in sterling silver and adorned with genuine howalite oval shaped stones.

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Karen wanted to surprise her mother, and have a set of earrings made on order, to replace an older pair where one earring has been lost. She sent me photos of the remaining piece, and we agreed to replace the coral stone with rodhonite, since the color of the original coral piece could no be duplicated. The ear wire and the hand-hammered leaf are made of yellow gold.

The surprise for Karen was that she received the earrings before Christmas, something I had thought impossible when she placed the order. She was very happy with the result.

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Sara wanted a necklace-and-earrings set made to celebrate her best friend's birthday and newly pierced ears. She requested something made with garnet - her friend's birthstone - and sterling silver, in a design that would be "both bold and delicate" .

I created this set, with graduated garnet beads seeming to drip along the extra-fine silver chain. Sara was delighted with the design and loved the ensemble.

Special Order Jewelry is not returnable. The full cost of each piece must be paid in full before work starts.

1. You contact me via phone or email and give me a general description of what you want;
2. From this description I develop a Rough Cost Estimate, and email it to you:
3. You return to me a check for 25% of this Rough Cost Estimate;
4. I start working on the design. I send you photos and sketches, and we communicate until you're happy with the concept. If no design is agreed on, this advance will not be returned;
5. When the design is completed and you accept it, I develop the Final Cost. You pay the balance in full. I make the piece, and I ship it to you.

Please call or email me with any question:
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