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Fashion jewelry in vintage styles: Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Edwardian, retro.  Jewelry design, handmade in our studio. Custom made jewelry at affordable prices.  Semiprecious gems, coral, pearls, and vintage glass set in Sterling Silver, antique brass, or vermeil.
Fashion Jewelry in Vintage Styles
Handmade Custom Jewelry
Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Retro, Edwardian, Modern
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The list of all the handcrafted design jewelry you can find in our Paris Girl Jewelry Shop:

Agate and Gold Plated Chain Pendant
Agates and 14k Gold Plated Earrings
Agates and Mother-Of-Pearl Necklace
Amethyst and Silver Earrings
Amethyst and Silver Pendant
Aqua and Black Stones Earrings
Aqua and Black Stones Necklace
Aqua Blue and Silver Earrings
Aqua Blue Lariat
Black Faceted Vintage Glass Earrings
Black Faceted Vintage Glass Pendant
Black Glass Petals Earrings
Black Onyx and Filigree Necklace
Black Onyx Bead Earrings
Black Onyx Cab Earrings
Black Suede Lariat
Blue Stone and Lovebirds Necklace
Blue Stones Earrings
Cobalt Blue Earrings
Cobalt Blue Necklace
Coral and Silver Pendant
Dark Blue Fan Stone Necklace
Dark Blue Silver Plated Earrings
Etched Mirror Art Deco Necklace
Five Round Black Onyx Bracelet
Five Round Black Onyx Necklace
Gift Certificate $100
Gift Certificate $25
Gift Certificate $50
Green Agate and Mother-Of-Pearl Earrings
Green Agate and Mother-Of-Pearl Necklace
Green Jade and Silver Earrings
Green Lariat with Jade
Lavender Pearl Earrings
Lavender Pearls and Topaz Necklace
Pearl and Silver Earrings
Pearl Pendant
Pink Lucite Antique Silver Earrings
Red and Gold Art Deco Earrings
Red and Gold Art Deco Necklace
Red Coral Necklace with Silver Accents
Red Coral Necklace with Vermeil
Red Leaf And Gold Earrings
Red Leaves And Gold Necklace
Rose Quartz and Black Onyx Bracelet
Rose Quartz and Brass Necklace
Rose Quartz and Silver Necklace
Round Black Onyx Earrings
Silver and Onyx Earrings
Topaz Glass and Filigree Necklace
Topaz Vintage Glass Earrings
Vintage Japanese Glass Bracelet
Vintage Japanese Glass Earrings
Vintage Japanese Glass Necklace
White Sparkle Glass and Filigree Bracelet
White Sparkle Glass and Filigree Earrings
White Sparkle Glass and Filigree Necklace
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